This is what New Generation is about...


New Generation is a Christian ministry that exists to share the Word of God with the youth of Guatemala and the world. Our goal is to win, train, and send our youth to the nations with the Good News of Jesus Christ.


To produce young people that are an example in word, conduct, love, spirit, faith, purity, excellence and effort in order that others can be encouraged to have an abundant life with God.

Our Purpose Statement:

Through their relationship with God, youth can DISCOVER their purpose in Him. Then they can SHARE His love with others as they GROW to spiritual maturity and live as WORSHIPERS.


A. Evangelism

  • The Class of Values: We teach values and character classes in public schools using the Bible as our foundation.
  • Parent Meetings: We teach the parents how to communicate and connect with their teenagers.
  • Point Of Encounter Meetings: In these monthly meetings we draw more than 250 Jr. High school students. These events include worship, skits, games, student testimonies and sharing the Word of God.

B. Discipleship:

  • Weekly Small Groups: Provides the first steps for their new life in Christ with Bible study, prayer and accountability.
  • Retreats: Annual spiritual retreats. Deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

C. Sending:

Short Term and Long Term Trips. Doing the Great Commission, taking church groups and the Youth that we have in our program to the Nations. For Long Term Trips we are developing a good Internship for our students from Guatemala and other Nations that want to participate.

Our Core Values:

  1. We show love with our acts.
  2. People are more important than programs.
  3. The models change and there are a lot of ways to make an effective ministry.
  4. We are a community that goes the extra mile.
  5. The best testimony is living and leading by example.
  6. Our only competition is the devil, not other ministries.
  7. A healthy sense of humor is necessary.
  8. The Spiritual growth is not measured by numbers.
  9. The Spiritual growth is not measured by your works.
  10. It is more important to live what we preach than preach what we do not live.
  11. We cannot do anything without Jesus in our lives.
  12. To experience God in secret is more important than the ministry itself.